A childhood island. de Raluca Anghel

cercetând amintiri din copilărie și rețete de culori –

ucuspucus pictorescus

A couple of weeks ago I revisited the Botanical Garden in Bucharest, searching for inspiration for the new workshop that has started – Childhood. Illustrated Fieldwork. This beautiful park was my childhood island. I was the little cast away, building little houses from twigs, drawing with chalks or reading Apolodor by Gellu Naum, while my granny was sneaking all sorts of delicious foods into my mouth.


Things haven’t changed much, only the characters are different.


After getting comfy on my favorite bench (what an illusion! I forgot these benches are never comfy :)), trying some sketches, I went for a dive in the lush empire. For only a couple of berries I had to fight an army of ants.




I used the crushed blackberries to color my sketch, although I for the green I used watercolor… when not at home, one can cheat, right?


But crushing fruits made me hungry…

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